Kids’ Programs

Izzy’s Encourages Kids to Set Goals and Actively Promotes Academics, Sports, and Other Beneficial Programs

academic award

Student Awards

Read Books and Eat at Izzy’s with the Academic Achievement Program

Academic Achievement awards are designed for elementary age kids, and are used as an incentive for them to excel in school. The Program is not limited to reading; teachers may set goals on an individual basis, and the awards may be given for attendance, the completion of a special project, or anything the teacher deems appropriate.

Note: Teachers/Administrators, please contact Izzy’s Marketing to begin the Academic Achievement Award program at your school.

good patient award

Good Patients

Earn Your Good Patient Award

If your doctor, orthodontist, dentist, optometrist, or other specialist has an office within a three mile radius of an Izzy’s, he or she is probably participating in our Good Patient Award program.

As a Patient you Must:

  • Be 12 or younger
  • Cooperate with your doctor
  • – and –
  • Love to eat at Izzy’s
Note to Parents: If your child’s doctor isn’t participating, please have them contact Izzy’s Marketing to learn more.

sports achievement award

Sports Awards

Izzy’s Offers the Sports Achievement Award to Dedicated Kid Athletes

Kids and Parents,

Are you playing for a local Boys and Girls Club or elementary school team? Are the majority of your teammates under 12? If so, encourage your coach to visit this page, or give us a call – we’ll do everything we can to help your team. Our restaurants will provide a banquet area for your team gatherings and away games*. We also give the coach the option to present Izzy’s Achievement Awards to players who excel or improve during a season.


Izzy’s will provide you with:

  • Banquet facilities* – Bring the team in for your season end banquet or to celebrate victories!
  • Izzy’s Sports Achievement Awards for use throughout the season as rewards for individual players, such as Player of the Game.
  • Izzy’s Fundraising Coupon Books for team members to sell ($60 value). Your team sells the book for $5 and keeps proceeds for the team!
* Please call ahead to reserve the banquet area.

Izzy’s offers all of this at ABSOLUTELY NO COST to the team! Coach, just contact Izzy’s Marketing and tell us you would like to participate.


If you are participating in an intramural program (i.e. a chess club, a senior citizens’ club, a fundraising club, a boy or girl scout pack, or many other clubs) check out our Fundraising Opportunities page for programs that Izzy’s can implement to support your activities.

Or, contact Izzy’s Marketing to learn more about these programs.